CEO Message

Wise citizen, Beautiful city, delightful life


The success of many large international organizations considering their movement towards their goals, depends on a series of actions in order to increase scientific, cultural, artistic and sportive level of the community and the people as a social mission.

Organizations must take social concerns into account in the areas of environment, social affairs and humanities besides formulating social responsibility policies in accordance with their organizational culture in order to achieve social accountability to stakeholders and other community members.  

The most important part of organizations social responsibility is to build their goals on basis of constructive thinking with the community and mutual progress.

In economic and industry development process it is imperative that the improvement of the people's life quality, involvement and participation in the general welfare be given priority.

Social responsibility involves the transparency in business based on ethical issues and legal requirements, respect to individuals, environment and organizations besides comprehensive sensitivity to social problems; so that companies in addition to profiting are responsible for all consequences of their cultural and social activities for stakeholders of community members.

Companies, like members and citizens of the community, have come to realize that they are created by society and their laws are taken from the community which they operate. They should link their role, scope and purpose together with a full understanding of the environmental and social responsibilities.

Khales Sazan Industrial Group due to the history of its formation, in spite of its economic mission, has always considered the society and its members apart from an enterprise and has tried to stand beside citizens in different conditions and devoted some of its resources to cultural, social and sports affairs with the efforts of hardworking personnel of this complex.

Participation in charities and supporting benevolent actions, Supporting sports teams including formation of Khales Sazan Futsal, Table Football, Table Tennis, Chess, Darts and Wrestling teams, Performing tourism tours, Media Support and interaction, Publication of Green-Khales-Paper literature, Establishing Khales Sazan Industrial Group's website , Establishing Telegram channel of Khales Sazan's Public Relation with the aim of informing company's schedule besides establishing Telegram group for Khalessazan Industries Group in order to increase knowledge and interaction between personnel, Collaboration between NGOs and various organizations in holding programs, Holding different training classes for personnel, Supporting personnel to continue their education, Provide welfare services for personnel, Organizing various programs and celebrations for personnel, Honoring personnel in various occasions over the year, Decorating company in national and religious occasions, Active participation in various exhibitions, Organizing Arbor Day and planting trees, Visiting patients, Sending wreath to different occasions, Publishing a few volumes of books and producing epic and educational clips are just a few examples of social and cultural activities of Khales Sazan Group.

As one of the leading companies in industrial field, commitment to society and environmental protection is one of the main elements of Khales Sazan Industrial Group. We have always been trying to help our stakeholders grow along with us in this path, and social responsibility is a general principle at all levels of this industrial group.

Looking at the religious and ethical texts, one can conclude that healthy environment and moving towards achieving it is on of the fundamental human rights and the destruction of the environment is due to lack of recognition in that.

This rights not only guarantee a safe and healthy environment for people but also prevent people, organizations, companies and governments from operations that damage the environment thus they can consciously participate in making environmental decisions.

Khales Sazan Industrial group has also played important role in performing environmental standards. This complex has an integrated management system (IMS) with ISO 14001, ISO 9001, ISO 50001 and OHSAS 18001 certificates which makes it possible to identify, evaluate and control the impact of environmental activities and ultimately improve related performance.

This year on the verge of Clean Air Day, Khales Sazan Industrial Group by holding a cleaning program in Zanjan-Bijar road with all its staff showed that it continues staying commitment to environmental protection as an honor and its permanent motto will be: Wise citizen, Beautiful city, delightful life.

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