Use of zinc metal

About 12 million tons of zinc per year are produced annually, more than half of this amount is consumed in the galvanizing industry, about 14 percent in zinc base alloys used in the die casting industry and 10 percent in rice and bronze production is used. Significant amounts of rolled zinc are consumed, including roofing, gutter, down pipe. The rest are consumed in compounds like zinc oxide and zinc sulfate; first-hand suppliers cover a wide range of uses.
The main uses of zinc metal include construction industry, transportation, food, electrical appliances and electronics.
There are also other coating methods that are used, such as zinc enriched colors, electrostatics, mechanical methods, these methods differ greatly from galvanizing and may not be suitable for some environments.

At present, 75% of the world's consumption is from minerals and mineral deposits and 25% from recycled sites, the amount of recycling is increasing every year, the amount of recycling depends entirely on the amount of products collected after consumption. More than 90% of these products are collected after consumption.
Zinc can be recyclable at all stages of production and consumption, for example zinc waste in the production of galvanized sheets, waste from production and installation processes, and at the end of life.

Zinc-coated steel and other zinc-based products have entered the recycled cycle because of their long service life after a long period of time, the durability of products containing zinc varies from 5 to 50 years in automotive and home appliances to over 100 years. In galvanized sheet (gable) changes. Street traffic lights that are covered with zinc can work for over 40 years.
During the last century, it has been increasing the life span of steel, the coating is the most economical way to increase the corrosion protection of steel, which annually eliminates about 4% of the gross domestic product of non-industrialized countries, galvanized steel has properties that No other material is provided. In addition to the properties mentioned, the electrochemical properties of the battery have led to its use. One of the most important and most recent uses of zinc metal and its modified alloys is the use of it in the manufacture of electronic devices such as cell phones, tablets and other items.

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