Public Relations

Zanjan Zinc Khales Sazan Industrial Group has played a very significant role in participating in social, cultural and athletic activities as its mission and has done valuable operations in realizing human goals which some of them are highlighted as below:

  1. Active participation in charities and supporting benevolent actions
  2. Supporting sports teams including formation of Khales Sazan Futsal, Table Football, Table Tennis, Chess, Darts and Wrestling teams
  3. performing tourism tours
  4. Media Support and interaction
  5. Publication of Green-Khales-Paper literature
  6. Establishing Khales Sazan Industrial Group's website
  7. Establishing Telegram channel of Khales Sazan's Public Relation with the aim of informing company's schedule besides establishing Telegram group for Khalessazan Industries Group in order to increase knowledge and interaction between personnel
  8. Collaboration between NGOs and various organizations in holding programs
  9. Holding different training classes for personnel
  10. Supporting personnel to continue their education
  11. Provide welfare services for personnel
  12. Organizing various programs and celebrations for personnel
  13. Honoring personnel in various occasions over the year
  14. Decorating company in national and religious occasions
  15. Active participation in various exhibitions
  16. Organizing Arbor Day and planting trees
  17. Visiting patients
  18. Sending wreath to different occasions
  19. Publishing a few volumes of books and producing epic and educational clips
  20. ….
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