Sales Dep

Commercial Unit attempts to provide the best quality with the lowest price, by having an effective relationship between customers and suppliers. According to the existing documentation in the last ten years this unit has had the average of 98% satisfaction.

The department provides raw materials from domestic and foreign sources. The personnel of this unit are expert and young people and perform successfully the duties of the position. They have always tried to raise their academic background by participating in international training courses and authorized domestic institutions.

    Narges Alahyarkhani: Commercial manager,

phone: +98 2432383401-(103)


    Fatemeh Mohammadi: Administrator of import, 

phone: +98 2432383213


    Fariba Behboudian: Administrator of Export  

phone: +98 2432383408


    Fariba Chilou: Administrator of Domestic Sales, Email:

phone: +98 2432383401-(240)


    Kamal Emdadi: Administrator of purchasing raw material, Email:

phone: +98 2432383442


Hossein Moghadam: Administrator of purchasing equipment, Email:  phone:+98 2432383401 (243)

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