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The Lich system is continuous and consists of two lines of acidic lacquer, each with a pulp reservoir and three acid reflux reservoirs with a total volume of 217 cubic meters and a useful volume of 185 cubic meters. The genus of pulp and lycé tanks is an iron with an internal coating of ridge. Neutral lacquer consists of 4 tanks with a total volume of 82.22 cubic meters and a useful volume of 204 cubic meters and is made up of iron tanks with an inner liner. The filtration of the lychee is carried out by eight filter presses and four centrifugal pumps, which are filtered into three reservoirs With a total volume of 84.15 cubic meters. The filtrate solution was filtered by a centrifugal pump and two filter press filters and the filtration solution was introduced into two tank units with a total volume of 11.4 cubic centimeter with an oil coil for transfer to a hot filtrate. Then, the solution was introduced into the purification step.

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