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message of CEO

Mr. Yusef Moradloo

Zanjan Zinc khalesSazan Industries Co, a leader in quality, quantity and productivity, has always sought to satisfy its customers as a learning organization. For this purpose, we have found that honesty, truthfulness and cleanliness are prerequisites for any interaction and cooperation. Along with these components, responsibility and increasing motivation should be the top priority of the employees and all colleagues should pay special attention to these features.

As you know, stagnation is a sign of damping and we must look for dynamism in order to ensure our survival and growth. In every production unit, the principle is to maintain and expand production, and even if there is a surplus person in a unit, a job and task must be defined for him so that he can continue his work.

No manager can do anything alone, of course he needs the support of his employees to be successful. Also, in order to achieve success, one should avoid focusing on the margin because the duty of a production unit is to increase efficiency and improve production quality.




introduction of company

KhalesSazan Industries Co., Ltd. was established in 2005 as a private company on a land area of more than 82 thousand square meters with infrastructure of 17 thousand square meters in the Zanjan industrial town of Zinc. This company was put into operation in 2006 with a production capacity of 35,000 tons of zinc ingots, and now about 440 personnel are working in the headquarters and production parts of this complex.

The main mission of the company is the production of zinc ingots by the hydrometallurgical method. in such a way that different types of lead and zinc ore after being procured from various domestic and foreign mines and entering the factory through various crushing and ore dressing processes, solution processing and filtration, electrolysis and casting in the form of zinc ingots with a purity of 99.99% Delivery to customers is ready.

Zanjan zinc KhalesSazan Industries Co until today has won provincial and national titles and honors in various fields such as: Obtaining the top position of the fourth national productivity festival of Iran, the quality unit of the provincial and national sample, the exporter of the provincial and national sample, the mineral industries unit of the province and the country, the top entrepreneur of the province, etc.

Board members of

Zanjan Zinc
KhalesSazan Industries co.

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Extensive export

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zinc ingot

Modern production of zinc ingots with 99.99% purity


Zinc oxide concentrate

Soon in the company's product portfolio


Zinc sulfide concentrate

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supply of consumed electricity in a stable manner


Lead oxide concentrate

Soon in the company's product portfolio


Lead sulphide concentrate

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