Message of Ceo

Zanjan zinc khalesSazan Industries Co.

Zanjan Zinc khalesSazan Industries Co, a leader in quality, quantity and productivity, has always sought to satisfy its customers as a learning organization. For this purpose, we have found that honesty, truthfulness and cleanliness are prerequisites for any interaction and cooperation. Along with these components, responsibility and increasing motivation should be the top priority of the employees and all colleagues should pay special attention to these features.

As you know, stagnation is a sign of damping and we must look for dynamism in order to ensure our survival and growth. In every production unit, the principle is to maintain and expand production, and even if there is a surplus person in a unit, a job and task must be defined for him so that he can continue his work.

No manager can do anything alone, of course he needs the support of his employees to be successful. Also, in order to achieve success, one should avoid focusing on the margin because the duty of a production unit is to increase efficiency and improve production quality.

If our time is spent on other issues instead of the production and sales process, we will move away from our goal and we must try to improve the production situation and profitability of the company.

By the grace of God and with the efforts of you colleagues, we will reach new horizons and our happiness and success is to achieve new situations.

It is obvious that competent human resources are the main capital of any organization, and this valuable capital must be preserved, and for synergy, one must think together with them.

It is emphasized that productivity is our main issue, we should think about increasing productivity with all our might and with double effort. In addition to this category, considering the sensitivities of refiners to social responsibilities and loyalty to environmental issues, it should be said that we still pay special attention to these issues and follow all these concerns seriously. We salute with an open face. We adhere to our economic and social mission and by realizing these goals, we validate our effectiveness.

Have a nice day.