The company’s commercial unit, as the beating heart of the company, has the mission to try to maintain and develop customers and enhance the company’s brand by knowing and being aware of the environmental conditions, as well as providing quality raw materials and parts needed by the company at the best price. has it.

The commercial affairs of the company currently consists of 9 organizational units, of which 2 units are in the procurement department (including the purchase of parts), 2 units are in the purchasing department of raw materials, 2 units are in the field of sales and services, and 1 unit is in the field of export. And 2 units are engaged in the field of import. Regarding the description of the duties of the departments, it can be briefly said that the most important task of this unit is the procurement and supply of parts needed by various units of the industrial group and minerals needed by the complex, as well as providing all purchase requests at the right time, with high quality and at the lowest cost.

The sales, service and export unit is responsible for planning and selling the integrated products on time and coordinating the timely loading and delivery of all products (both domestic and export sales), as well as heavy media and mineral flotation services.

In this regard, obtaining 98% customer satisfaction in annual surveys over the past 12 years shows the high importance of obtaining customer satisfaction for the net builders group. Also, by exporting 95% of quality products, this company has been able to play an important role in its export target markets and has made the country proud by winning the title of provincial and national model exporter in consecutive years.

The manager of the commercial unit, Mrs. AlahYarKhani

(+98)2432383401 (ext. 103)

Head of the export department, Mrs. Behbodian

2432383408 (98+)

Domestic sales manager Mrs. Ezzati

(+98)2432383401 (ext. 240)​

Head of the import department, Mrs. Mohamadi


Responsible for purchasing raw materials Mrs. Maleki

2432383442 (98+)

Responsible for purchasing parts Mr. Mirzai

(+98)2432383401 (ext. 243)